Jay Pulliam's discography:

Electronic Music Club - EMC4 LP (contributor - "Mexican Connection") released August 1987
Electronic Music Club - EMC5 LP (contributor - "Midi P.I." and more) released August 1988
Electronic Music Club - EMC6: Curio cassette (contributor - "Charlotte Amalie" and more) released August 1989
        inquire the Edmonds Community College music program for availability, (425) 640-1648
Soundsation 1989 - Farmer's Market LP (drums) released August 1989
        inquire the Edmonds Community College music program for availability, (425) 640-1651
Electronic Music Club - EMC7: Served All Day (contributor - "Fusionesque" and more) released August 1990
        inquire the Edmonds Community College music program for availability, (425) 640-1648

The 3rd Act - pathetic cassette, released April 1991
Satellite Circus - Satellite Circus cassette, released 30 January 1993
Satellite Circus - LoveMower CD, LM22 3127-2, released 17 November 1993 (artwork replaced November 2018)
Well of Souls cassette, released March 1995, deleted 2006
30,000 Little Adventures CD, LM1 21681-2, originally released September 1996,
released as digital download 2006, deleted June 2019
Nathan Allen - Music for an Environmental Documentary (acoustic guitar, recording engineer) 1997

A Comet and the Well of Souls CD, LM10 8671-2,
released also as digital download 2006 (replaces Well of Souls cassette with bonus tracks), deleted May 2019
Rhyming Polanskis - Crashing Sea, Crumbling Sky
CD, LM10 0692-2, (featured outtakes, different mixes, demos, live songs, and a new track - never officially released - most tracks appear on Well of Souls Part II in 2019)
Jay Pulliam - Rumoured To Exist CD, LM12 712864-2, released 12 November 2008. First solo album.
"Never Forget Your Birthday" digital download & stream, LM13 71109, released 12 July 2009

Score and a Quarter CD, digital download & stream, LM22 9419-2, released 16 November 2018
Rumoured to Exist high resolution 24-bit digital download and stream on Bandcamp, LM22 8671-2, released 16 November 2018 (includes "Never Forget Your Birthday" and "Frosted Blades" as bonus tracks)
"Rachel Says (Merry Christmas)" digital download on Bandcamp, released 01 December 2018 (available only during December)
"Blood and Sand (digital single)" digital download, released 5 April 2019 (unique shortened version)
Well of Souls
digital download & stream, LM23 0495-2, released 19 April 2019 (replaces Well of Souls cassette)
Well of Souls Part II digital download & stream, LM23 0600-2, released 19 April 2019 (replaces bonus tracks of A Comet and ...)
30,000 Little Adventures digital download & stream on Bandcamp, LM23 0996-2, released 12 May 2019
(replaces original CD with 24-bit high-resolution files and a new running order)
30,000 Little Adventures: appendix digital download & stream on Bandcamp, LM23 11896-2, released 12 May 2019
(segregates erstwhile bonus track "B.H.T." with new "M.S.G." track to make a 24-minute EP, 24-bit high-resolution files)
Quarter Score More + Four digital download & stream, LM23 9520-2, released 18 June 2019
(makes available to mainstream streaming and download services certain songs not represented on Score and a Quarter)