Here's a list of as many shows as we can remember:

All shows in Washington State, USA unless otherwise noted
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1994 (8 shows)

April 1994

Seattle Pacific University Talent Show in Seattle. Performed "Fear" with Mike on drums, Shawn on lead guitar, Romeo on guitar and vocal, Monica on bass.

18 May 1994 @ Sit and Spin in Seattle. An semi-acoustic show. Debut with Nathan and Jay.

18 June 1994 @ Plate Farm in Snohomish. In the garage.

15 September 1994 @ The New World in Seattle. Broken guitar strings make Jay do a drum solo. The band also does a second set that night due to another band's no-show.


Sometime this month we again played The New World in Seattle and was seen by Gary Schmidt from Box of Daylight and asked to open for his band.

29 November 1994 @ Fenix Underground in Seattle. Opened for Box of Daylight. Videotaped performance.

9 December 1994 @ The New World in Seattle.
14 December 1994 @ Colourbox in Seattle.
CD release party for The Other Side. Recorded performance.

1995 (14 shows)

20 January 1995 @ Captain Cooks in Seattle.
26 January 1995 @ Jimmy Zs in Everett.

10 February 1995 @ Beatnix in Seattle. Acoustic show with Box of Daylight. Debut of "The Chair"
11 February 1995 @ Jimmy Zs in Everett.

29 March 1995 @ Jimmy Zs in Everett.

14 April 1995 @ Jimmy Zs in Everett. Battle of the Bands.

5 May 1995 @ Jimmy Z's in Everett. with Sam The Butcher, Laughing Head, and Jester Moon. We may not have actually played this gig, but it was listed in an old issue of The Rocket that was found.

16 June 1995 @ Jimmy Zs in Everett. with Lazy Susan and Stout.

22 July 1995 @ Puget Sounds CD and Tape Store in Snohomish. Acoustic guitars with all-electric drums. Very fun afternoon gig.
22 July 1995 @ Jimmy Zs in Everett. Opened for The Posies, The Model Rockets and The Hollowbodies. A busy day.

4 August 1995 @ The Riv in Lynnwood. with The Subjects and Pied Sally.

18 October 1995 @ Moe's in Seattle. Ticketmaster Showcase with The Clevelands, Red Shoes for Nancy, Lotus, Third Door Down.
26 October 1995 @ Moe's in Seattle. Benefit for Leukemia with Gary Heffern, and Flood.
27 October 1995 @ Club Broadway in Everett. with Emptied Skin, and Stout (no-show).

?? November 1995 @ Gibson's Bar & Grill in Seattle. with Big Blue Marble.

1996 (7 shows)

2 August 1996 @ Jimmy Zs in Everett. with Saturn Transit
10 August 1996 @ Neko's (ex-Under The Rail) in Seattle. with Lloyd's Rocket and King Size American. Very low attendance.

27 November 1996 @ Redmond Firehouse in Redmond. Acoustic show with some young teen girl folkie singer.
30 November 1996 @ Danny's Music in Everett. Acoustic show.
30 November 1996 @ Jimmy Z's in Everett. with T-Minus 9 and another band. Last time at Jimmy's ever.

6 December 1996 @ Rock N Ruby's in Marysville. Acoustic show.
13 December 1996 @ University Sports Bar in Seattle. with Cadence.

1997 (13 shows)

15 January 1997 @ The Fenix Aboveground in Seattle. Samuel Adams/KISW Battle of the Bands with Ghetto Monks (winners), Rhyming Polanskis (2nd place), Good Gravy (3rd), and Blah (4th).
17 January 1997 @ University Sports Bar in Seattle. with Einar Floan.

7 February 1997 @ The Fenix Underground in Seattle. with Geggy Tah and The Colorifics.
8 February 1997 @ Jack's and Jill's in Seattle. with Isabel Green and Strange Phoenix. A small hole-in-the-wall club on Lake City Way.

12 April 1997 @ University Sports Bar in Seattle. with Fighting Machinists and Mr. Blackwatch. Romeo performs with skiing injury.

7 May 1997 @ The Fenix Aboveground in Seattle. with Furnaceface and Second Nature.
15 May 1997 @ The Showbox Theatre in Seattle. Seattle Pop Festival with The Day I Fell Down, Fighting Machinists, Harvey Danger, Fragile Jack, Amateur Lovers, Mummery, Just Plain Bill, Jimm and The Boxes. Iggy Pop was in the house watching the performances.
31 May 1997 @ Starbucks Coffee in Bothell - Canyon Park. a two-hour acoustic set.

1 August 1997 @ University Sports Bar in Seattle. with Plank. CANCELLED on July 30 due to miscommunication with booking.

13 September 1997 @ University Sports Bar in Seattle. with The Visitors and Zilch. The Visitors' multi-instrumentalist John Moen played bass once with Jay and Dean Edwards in an impromptu party band in 1987. Having coincidently seen John twice since then, sheer coincidence again brought Jay and John together again on this night.
19 September 1997 @ Starbucks Coffee Retail Store in Bothell (Canyon Park). Acoustic show except Jay played his synthesizer along with playing a snare drum with brushes.
23 September 1997 @ The Re-Bar in Seattle. with 500 Wale and So Long. Show set up by Trish Davies.

2 October 1997 @ The Colourbox in Seattle. with Tiger Zane, Painted Sun and The Orange King.
29 October 1997 @ The Colourbox in Seattle. with Haste and Ripple. Free fall musical collapse .... it was fun, but it cleared the room pretty quickly.

1998 (1 show)

29 January 1998 @ The O.K. Hotel in Seattle. with Peter Parker (subbing for Fighting Machinists), RPs, Funnel Cake (in the Ballroom). Eric Apoe and 5 O'Clock Somewhere (in the Lounge). Seattle Popfest Reprise presented by Muse Inc.

2005 (1 show)

16 April 2005 @ Larry and Leann's Place on Mission Beach on the Tulalip Reservation. Acoustic show with Nathan and Jay, running through about six of the RP songs ("Eileen," "Beautiful Losers," "Comet," "I Over You," "Dry," "As Long As I'm With You") including a couple Well of Souls songs ("Know You" and "Easy To Know") and Satellite Circus songs ("Holding Pattern" and "Digging A Hole").

2008 (1 show)

8 February 2008 @ Cottage Lake Elementary School in Woodinville. Show performing a cover of The Ataris' "In This Diary." Featuring Romeo (guitar), Monica (bass), Jay (drums), and Romeo's nine-year-old daughter Keagan on lead vocal. The "Cottage Lake Follies" talent show featuring somewhat talented elementary-school--age children. Keegan and the RPs performed last at the three-hour show. And, yes, it was videotaped.

2011 (1 show)

23 July 2011 @ Residence of Mark Palazzo in Marysville. Benefit performance for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Featuring Romeo (guitar), Monica (bass), Jay (drums), Dean Edwards (guitar), and Romeo's 20-year-old daughter Taylor Bolibol on lead vocals. Song list consisted mostly of Taylor's original songs with only Romeo's song "Know You" being performed as a father-daughter duet.

2019 (1 show)

17 August 2019 @ Bolibol Gardens, Woodinville, WA, with opening act Taylor Bolibol. Birthday celebration for Romeo & Jennifer, album release party for Score and a Quarter and Quarter Score More + 4. Featured two new covers: "Everlong" by Foo Fighters (1997) and "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World (2001) along with "Rachel Says" featuring Jay on lead vocal and Moog synth and a School of Rock special guest Ryan Maloney on drum kit. Other songs performed included "As Long As I'm With You," "Comet," "Dry," "Fear, "Human," "No Cheese," and "Know You."