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performed by
Jay Pulliam with Frank Seeberger and Scott Davis
recorded March - June 1993 in Everett, Washington USA near Lake Stevens
mixed by Lance Gibbon at Brooklane Studio in Redmond, Washington USA
mastered by David Glasser at Airshow in Springfield, Virginia USA



Hot August Morning (0:51)
Jay Pulliam - lawn mowers.
The Ugliest Girl In The World (3:07)
Frank Seeberger - lead & rhythm guitar. JP - vocals, rhythm guitar, sequencing.
Holding Pattern (4:44)
FS - lead & rhythm guitar. JP - vocals, feedback guitar, sequencing.
Let's Start a Love Thing (2:38)
FS - wah-wah & acoustic guitars. JP - vocals, sequencing.
All I'll Ever Know (2:33)
JP - vocals, guitar, sequencing.

I Gotta Buy Me Some New Friends (3:51)
FS - guitars. JP - vocal, sequencing.
Find My Mind (2:51)
Scott Davis - guitar. JP - vocals, sequencing.
Digging A Hole (3:39)
FS - guitars. JP - vocals, sequencing.
Waiting (4:30)
JP - vocals, sequencing, lawn mowers.

Grocery Store (2:35)
JP - vocals, sequencing.
The Bride (4:21)
FS - acoustic & electric guitars. JP - vocals, sequencing.
5 Cent Refund (3:16)
SD - guitars. JP - vocals, sequencing.
Center of Attention (3:53)
FS - guitars. JP - vocals, sequencing.

Wrong Foot (3:06)
FS - space lead guitars. JP - vocals, rhythm guitar, sequencing.
An Idea (4:54)
JP - vocals, guitars, sequencing, lawn mowers.
silent break (0:25)
Soul Slappin' (3:48)

Some equipment:

Recorded on an ancient Teac reel-to-reel 4-track using an Alesis 1622 mixer. Korg 01W-FD keyboard workstation provided all bass guitar sounds, piano sounds, strings sounds, and some percussion sounds which were programmed by JP. Alesis D4 Drum Module provided all drums sounds.


Purchasing Options starting at $5.00